Company Introduction

              STH Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional spot supplier of ST products, and also sells internationally renowned chips such as TI, Infineon and Xilinx. The company has global supply channels and technical support in terms of high-power devices and ARM core 32-bit MCUs, and can transfer goods abroad at any time. The company's customers cover many fields such as new energy, automobile manufacturing, medical equipment, military, aerospace, security and industrial control. The company provides samples free of ge and free shipping in any city in China. For many years, Sino-Italian Electronics has provided urgently needed electronic components to thousands of Chinese electronics manufacturers and R&D institutions. Provide one-stop BOM distribution service for small batch users. BOM orders of about 200 models can be quoted a day and delivered a week.

              The general manager of the company, Dr. Zhu Junshan, is a manager who has worked in ST manufacturing department for ten years and transferred to sales. He transferred the refinement of manufacturing to sales and service. Other employees have received training in the original STMicroelectronics factory. The "Six-Step Method of Quality Control" pioneered by the company is an effective method for comprehensive quality control. The company has a complete service process, trains and guides employees according to TQM management, and has an international competitive advantage.

              Since 2009, it has been awarded Top 10 Electronic Components and high-quality supplier in Shenzhen for 10 consecutive years.

              Team Introduction

              Dr. Zhu Junshan

              Graduated with a Bachelor degree from Wuhan Institute of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering(now part of Wuhan University), a Master degree from Chinese Academy of Sciences and a Phd degree from Hebei University of Technology. His Bachelor degree majors in Electric Power Engineering. Master degree is focusing on research of Semiconductor lithography machine. And Phd degree is for 3rd generation semiconductor material. He has published several papers and got 15 patents and utility model patents.

              Xiaofang Xia Executive General Manager

              Tags:post-80s, woman start-up pioneer
              Birth place:Guiyang, Hunan
              Interests: Singing, Running

              STH co-founder, EMBA of Tsinghua University, Member of Shenzhen Electronics Chamber of Commerce, a 3 Merits Representative in the electronics industry: good at drinking, playing nice, beautiful smile, good writing skill, excellent sales skill, great caculation ability and communication skill.

              銷售部經理 周華

              Tags: A person with Sense and Sensibility
              Interests: coffee, food

              10 years working experiences in the field, has a deep understanding about the industry with both buyer and sales working experience in STH. Passionate about work and team work spirits. Monthly sales performances keep high and over 1 Million RMB. Good at serving large enterprises.

              高級銷售工程師 侯瑩

              Tags: Nice Characters and Beautiful Appearance
              Interests: Exercises, Foods
              Joined STH in 2017, top sales-woman, served over 8 Listed Companies with good feedbacks. Quick response in BOM quotations. Customers are willing to refer her to their business friends.

              Company Culture

              • The Corporate Culture of STH

                Customer first, collaboration and communication, continuous study and development

              • Vision and Mission of STH

                STH's vision and mission is to empower our customers with high quality, quick resonse, satisfying service under the guidance of TQM.


              • 2021

                January, Annual Party was hold in Zixin, Chenzhou
                January, became an Agent of Reasunos
              • 2020

                January, Annual Party was hold in Chaozhou, Hou Ying and Tom Xiang were promoted to the leadership team, Xiaofang was promoted to the Executive GM
                Febuary, STH delivered all the customer POs as expected despite the Covid-19 impact
                June, STH became strategic partner of Bosch PCBA
                July, STH attended S
              • 2019

                March, attended Shanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition
                April, became partner of Zhongfazhizao
                July, attended Chengdu Electronics Info Exhibition
              • 2018

                Jan, Supervisory company of the Shenzhen Electronics Association
                Mar, elected 'Top 10 Capable Supplier'
                Apr, attended Shanghai Munich Electronics Exhibition for the 1st time
                May, deputy GM completed the desert hundred kilometers challenge on behalf of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University
              • 2017

                Jan, Dr. Zhu was elected the Person of the Year by Zhongfazhizao
                Apr, attended the 'Shenzhen 100 Miles' Challenge
                May, vice GM and business manager attended Silk Road Dominion Challenge for International Business School on behalf of Tsinghua University and got the champion
                Dec, attended Shenzhen Mar
              • 2016

                Jan, Dr. Zhu was interviewed by the Huaqiangbei Story Telling TV program shot by Futian government
                Mar, became TFSS agent
                Apr, became KEC agent
                Jun, Dr. Zhu was interviewed by SZTV for Win in Shenzhen program
                Sep, Dr. Zhu was interviewed by Guiyang TV for Guiyang People All Around World
              • 2015

                Jan, Annual Party hosted in Zhangjiajie
                Oct, Company moved to Hualidayuan
              • 2014

                Oct, STH was elected the Top 10 Integrated Circuit Distributors by the Component Trade Network
              • 2013

                Jan, Annual Party in Heyuan Wanlv Lake
                May, Team Building in Cambodia
              • 2012

                Jan, Annual Party host in Huizhou
                Oct, GM business trip to Taiwan to visit WPG Groups with the reception of Simon Huang
              • 2011

                Jan, Annual Party hosted in Nanao Grand Hotel
                Oct, GM attended Electronics exhibition in Korea with Huaqiang Electronic Network Group
                Dec, STH attended Zhongshan Electronics Exhibition
              • 2010

                Jan, STH was awarded the Top10 Supreme Supplier in Huaqiangbei
                Apr, STH office site move to Building 201 in Shangbu Industrial Park
                July, STH established daily morning meeting schedule, GM hosts meeting everyday
              • 2009

                Jan, Annual Party hosted in Yinhu, Shenzhen
                May, Dr. Zhu became an invited lecturer in Huaqiang Business Lecture Hall
                Sep, STH vistied ST Shenzhen
              • 2008

                Jan, Dr. Zhu joined STH as a full time employee
              • 2007

                July, STH was founded in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen

              Team Spirit

              STH emphasis on team spirit which is also the core of TQM. With the effective and transparent internal communication, coordination, authorization, STH is able to meet customer's expectation with our talented employees. STH also provides continuous training to strengthen the team work spirit. STH culture has become a common sense among the whole company and benefits our employees, customers and suppliers. The regular daily meeting, weekly meeting and monthly meeting can motivate the growth of our employees.

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